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Combining direct legal services, policy advocacy, and impact litigation strategies, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area advances the rights of immigrants, refugees and communities of color, with a specific focus on low income communities and a long-standing commitment to African Americans. We provide leadership and expertise in identifying legal issues and cases that are critical to the advancement of minority and immigrant communities, and we marshal the resources of the private bar to help effect structural change.

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In the spotlight

07.18.14 - Lawyers' Committee featured in East Bay Express cover story ,"Coming Home" - an examination of reentry and realignment issues in Oakland and San Francisco, citing, among other things, our recently launched Alameda County project , which seeks to promote successful reentry by addressing the need for meaningful economic opportunity for formerly incarcerated people.

05.21.14 - "Traffic court is a judicial dead end for California's working poor" In an op-ed in the Daily Journal, Legal Director, Oren Sellstrom, describes the unreasonable challenge traffic courts pose for working class and poor people who find themselves in a maze of never ending and exorbitant debt from which they practically have no way out. The consequences of this situation can be dire, limiting many people’s ability to earn a living and participate fully in society. Also read this letter to San Francisco Superior Court about proposed changes to local traffic court rules that would exacerbate the problems and disparities described in the op-ed.  

Racial justice

Lawyers’ Committee was founded with the belief that advancing racial justice is the central component of any true civil rights movement. Our core programs focus on addressing structural racism and ensuring that everyone has equal access to justice. Learn more.

economic Equality

We are committed to increasing economic opportunities for underserved communities. Our direct services programs and impact projects overcome barriers faced by and build the economic power of communities of color and immigrant communities. Learn more.

immigrant rights

We help protect the civil rights of Immigrants and refugees, affording them full and fair access to education, police protection and other vital government services, and safeguarding their due process and constitutional rights. Learn more.